About The Founder

Bernard D. Ellis, CHTP, CRME

Bernard brings a solid education and over 25 years of hospitality technology experience to the founding of Lodgital Insights. His executive career has featured several seamless transitions between product management and sales roles, making him unusually comfortable at their confluence--that tricky no-man's land which can otherwise be such a fertile breeding ground of miscommunication and disappointment.  

Bernard's career path has also spanned almost every type of hospitality technology.  This is due to his natural curiosity to "get inside the black box" to question long-standing assumptions.  It's also because he kept signing too many enforceable non-compete agreements!   Finding himself free of any such constraints for the first time in almost two decades was a major deciding factor in founding Lodgital Insights, where he can now serve the industry at large with discretion.

Bernard has a track record of stewarding technology initiatives from industry startup to industry standard. He has spent most of his career at early- and mid-stage startups bringing best-of-breed, point solutions to market, and the remainder of it working for the large enterprise software companies who acquire them.  This has allowed him to gain a keen understanding of the different points of view that different stakeholders bring to any discussion, not just regarding potential mergers and acquisitions, but also regarding issues such as integration development priorities, or who makes the best partner or target customer.   

Why Lodgital Insights?

These uniquely broad perspectives enhance the quality of all of the consulting practices offered by Lodgital Insights to its clients.  The higher degree of knowledge brought to the process also raises their effectiveness and efficiency. Lodgital is easier to work with! 

More Details

For more specific details on Bernard's education, certifications, and work history, or for links to more writing samples,* please see his LinkedIn Profile.

* "You're soaking in it right now, you know."

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